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"Dr. Lowe is an exceptional educational consultant.  He finds the appropriate match and understands schools strengths and weaknesses.  He makes an extra effort to know schools well and that makes for a successful placement." -- NYC Parent

Being from China, we had no idea how competitive the private application process is in Manhattan.  We call a cousin who lived in Manhattan and knew about Dr. Lowe's' success.  Manhattan Admissions Advisors guided us through the entire application process, school selection and interviews; he reviewed everything and made sure that we were doing everything correctly.  As a result of Dr. Lowe's personalized help and caring, both of our children, our daughter in kindergarten and our son in the fifth grade, were accepted to top private schools in Manhattan." -- Stephanie Wang (Beijing)

"We decided to relocate from Manhattan to Greenwich.  Dr. Lowe helped us in the transition for both of our children to Greenwich area schools.  Our daughter was accepted to Greenwich Academy and our son to Brunswick School.  You can't get better than that!  Thanks Doc!" - J.S., Greenwich Parent (formerly of Manhattan)

"Dr. Lowe and his team provided insight and was an invaluable resource during our son's college application journey.  They played a major role in my acceptance to Brown." -- LK, Dalton Parent

"Manhattan Admissions Advisors helped us find the right private school and find a way to easily transfer even in the 10th grade. We appreciated the quick response and thorough research by Dr. Lowe." -- James Xu

"We found ourselves without a kindergarten spot for our daughter, despite the fact that my husband and I spent over a year devoting ourselves to the task of kindergarten admissions and the fact that we both attended private school in Manhattan.  Dr. Lowe and his advisors re-evaluated what happened and helped us find a spot for our daughter at a great private school in Manhattan.  He was there for us throughout the entire frightening experience, a down-to-earth and patient advisor in this super-crazy world of Manhattan school admissions.  Thank you Dr. Lowe.  We could not have done it without you." -- NYC Parent

"Dr. Lowe's insightful suggestions and recommendations throughout the application process were amazing.  Nothing seemed impossible with his help as he motivated and encouraged us to see outside the box.  I can truthfully say that Dr. Lowe's cogent advice helped my son get into Harvard." -- Elizabeth Cheng, New York, NY

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